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Layers is an ongoing series of 3-dimensional paintings created on panels of museum grade acrylic glass. It Is my goal that this medium becomes a signature of my art career. This medium allows me to produce artwork across multiple spaces from public art, gallery shows, to fully immersive sculptures and digital artwork. I want to create an identifiable, profitable, and impactful world inside this layered glass medium. 


You can own a bit of this journey by joining the Layers Collector Club. 

Going forward every original Layered glass piece will trigger a release of a series of 10 original 1of1 NFTs. Owners of the tangible pieces will be given one NFT as a token of authenticity.  Layers Collector Club members will have exclusive access to art giveaways, studio visits, behind the scenes updates, and 100% ownership of the digital rights to their pieces.

Utility Roadmap 

I'm in this for the long haul.

Ive set up some goalposts for myself.  Once we hit a target milestone I will begin to work on realizing the stated goal

MILESTONE #1 - Debut Gallery Art show (Voss Gallery) (DONE)

I will create a more accessible glass Laser print series. 

Milestone #2 - 10 Tangible Pieces SOLD (DONE)

Launching 100 piece Layers Collectors Club 

Milestone #3- Layers Collectors Club Sold Out 

Developing concepts and fundraising for first Public Art Sculpture 

Milestone #4 - Large Scale Public Installation Completed 

100 NFT Drop 

Milestone #5 - Immersive Exhibit 

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